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Xinyang hotels in Le flowers from well-known investment group investing in the construction of Chinese music , Chinese music under Xinyang flowers Flowers Hotel Branch Properties Limited , in accordance with international standards for the construction of five-star hotel luxury business hotel . Xinyang Hotel is located in a prime location in beautiful surroundings , accessible , facing City Hall , close to the Convention Center and flowers flowers the sound of Xinyang City flowers is one of the building 's nine regions .

Whether for business or tourism and leisure activities can be found in this far away from the hustle and bustle of an impetuous and builds world in and enjoy the fully equipped rooms, sumptuous dining, conference facilities and standard hotel in Le flowers hospitality .

Located on the sixth floor gym, chess room , billiards room and many other sports and recreation projects for your business reception or high-end tourism and leisure activities , comfortable and convenient environment.
Huang Ting Shi Leisure Center is located on the eastern side floor, Xinyang region's most passionate entertainment centers , KTV rooms provide the latest computer selections with the most popular songs in multiple languages ​​. Will let you linger, have fun and go .
Guest room
The hotel has 375 various types of luxury rooms, ranging in size from 37-400 square meters , fully functional and style excellence. Rooms are equipped with high-speed broadband network, data -specific interface and satellite television and other equipment, the hotel's professional staff will work with your private dinner and entertainment , enabling you enjoying the hospitality of the owner , enjoy the national top ten livable city unique charm .

Adhering to the essence of Chinese culture , elegance and luxury with a melt of flowers restaurants for diners authentic Cantonese cuisine , Yan Bao Chi , game, seafood , Xinyang local dishes and official food . Western Restaurant offers international buffet and exquisite snacks, freshly milled coffee and French pastries , guests can enjoy at any time sections of America banquet .
Banquet & Conference
There are various types of hotels 2-3F Conference Room 8 . Multifunctional conference hall, medium-sized conference room , VIP reception room and two small meeting rooms. Multifunctional conference hall which area of ​​520 square meters , can accommodate 500 people meeting ; conference hall in an area of ​​350 square meters , two small meeting rooms which can accommodate 14-25 people meeting . Conference rooms are equipped with world-class sound system , stage lighting, 16-way mixer , stage, LCD projector, wireless Internet access systems and covers a set of advanced equipment, will redefine your meeting standards. Advanced standard meeting place equipment, to meet the different conference reception at the same time , it is organizing various celebrations , banquets , celebrations, events will be the ideal place .

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