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Chinese music flowers widely famous dishes suck the essence, and the gathering of traditional folk techniques Aura, and green and healthy, nutritionally balanced, and other modern health concepts into one full of Cantonese cuisine "authentic, beautifully designed, green and healthy, nutritionally balanced, one hundred dishes Subway "and other dishes with a classic, and pay attention to color, smell, taste, shape, raise, meaning mix and match. Formed in Cantonese cuisine, integrate one hundred features.

Cantonese cuisine draws on some of Western expertise, Cantonese itself out of the country, with its pass off, odd Guang, Fan Wu, light unique charm, Cantonese reputation at home and abroad has become China dishes, not only in Hong Kong, Macau, and the world Chinese Restaurant, most were mainly Cantonese. Bo extensive mining of raw materials received, taste exquisite fresh, tender, cool, smooth, light, crisp, summer and strive to light, winter a bit more mellow, flavored with five AIDS (incense, loose, smelly, fat, thick) Liu Wei (sour, sweet , bitter, salty, spicy, fresh) apart.

Domestic 47.4% of the respondents' upscale banquet dinner, business entertainment "Preferred Cantonese, followed by election Shandong, Sichuan, Hunan, Dongbei. Like Cantonese reason lies in its quality, new emerging.

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