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Marble fireplace, shining crystal lamps, silver candlesticks, colorful wine, melodious music, plus it elegant and charming manners, this is really a moving painting. Western countries food culture has its own characteristics, each country's dishes are also different, with the Eastern and Western culture of continuous impact, penetration and integration, Oriental people have gradually come to understand the various Western dishes different characteristics, and began to be treated differently. "Sincere service, the intentions of quality", with its own characteristics, strengths - Western, the people always think of the pure high-end consumer - Western spread to all walks of life, leading the Xinyang new consumer trends.

Flowers in the hotel restaurant Le adhering to the "Culture + quality" service concept. Elaborate dedication excellent value for money food - European cuisine, you can enjoy the full on and also enjoy a delicious Italian-style comfort in Europe, a pleasant dining atmosphere!
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